Artist Spotlight: Willy Nyca


Willy Nyca is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Though he picked up the guitar early in his childhood, Willy Nyca would not go on to sing and perform until much later in his life. This late bloomer preferred to remain in the background while he observed his older brothers performing in Latin Festivals and recording in the studio. Quietly and safely in the shadows, Will was content to patiently develop his skills, nerve, and own personal style in order to one day step forward and shine a light on his musical talent.

Willy Nyca received his first big break when he decided to enter a video competition sponsored by Sony Music Entertainment. The contest, an idea of then Jr. Label Manager Stephanie Guerrero, was created to ignite the online promotion of Marc Anthony’s 10th studio album “Iconos.”


Playing the role of Marc Anthony Will’s video submission was chosen the winner! This video quickly rose to several hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube.



Seeing the success of the initial contest, Stephanie Guerrero and Sony Music Entertainment tapped on Will once again to play Marc Anthony in the online video promotion of Marc Anthony’s single “A Quien Quiero Mentirle.”


Finally starting to feel comfortable in his own element, the world was left wondering who was this shirtless phenom that is able to garner millions of hits on YouTube in only his 2nd video appearance!


With his newfound notoriety and sudden internet fame, the once shy and developing musician now found himself getting invitations for paid appearances on television stations, Latin Festivals as well as nightclubs. Willy Nyca has appeared on Univision’s shows “Sabado Gigante”(shout out to Don Francisco)and “Despierta America”, Televisa’s “Parodiando” (shout out to David Barski), and Estrella tv’s “Tengo Talento” just to name a few.

Willy Nyca has come a long way from his shy and humble beginnings and has evolved into a full-fledged musician and artist. He continues performing for his fans as well as developing his craft. He is hard at work completing his first album release and the planning of a promotional club and festival tour. Enjoy Latin covers of some of the most popular songs from Will’s personal playlist and judging by the amount of attention they garner it becomes evident the world is listening.

Continue to chase your dreams and STAY THIRSTY MY FRIENDS!