Nica1 are Raul Cruz, Franky BE, and Willy Nyca.  They are a motley crew of Musicians, Writers, Dj’s and Music Producers born in Queens, NY and grew up in Central Florida.  One unique fact about Nica1 is that they join the shortlist of brotherly supergroups such as the BeeGees, Jackson 5, Beach Boys, and the Isleys!  Another unique fact is that these brothers create all of their own material ranging from Latin, Electronica, Rock, Hip hop and Reggae! They credit their New York influence for having such a broad artistic palette being that there is so much beautiful and vibrant culture in NYC.  Nica1 is currently focused on completing a 12-16 track Album titled “Latino” that will encompass traditional Latin American music fused with electronic and urban American influences. Count on Nica1 to bring you an original, distinct and fresh new sound that will captivate audiences worldwide.  There is no limit to their styles!


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